Daniel Hwang

Co-Founder and Special Advisor

Daniel has extensive experience across the entire vertical of the blockchain stack including: infrastructure service providers, L1 ecosystem development, DEX building, piloting permissioned blockchains in enterprise, DAO set up, NFTs, and metaverses. Daniel began running Bitcoin miners in 2013 and supporting remittances in the Philippines with crypto. He recently led the Protocols Team at stakefish (the largest non-custodial Ethereum validator; largest Cosmos validator) while also leading the Special Projects team at its sister company F2Pool while it was the largest Bitcoin mining pool in the world. He has contributed substantive work in the climate and blockchain ecosystem leading to the co-founding of the Blockchain Infrastructure Carbon Offset Working Group (BICOWG now BxCi) which eventually led to the founding of the BlockchainXClimate nonprofit that was recently announced at the World Economic Forum in 2023. He also co-founded the validator working group Validator Commons, established Korea’s first DAO, HanDAO supporting the Korean creator ecosystem, was awarded grants to build hyperlocalized DEXs in asia from 0x Protocol, led an IEEE workstream on health data on blockchain, led pilots for some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world for their supply chain sample management development with permissioned blockchains. He has also led a top 10 L1 ecosystem development team (details can be provided verbally). His formal education includes degrees in Biology, Religion, and Computer Science from Swarthmore College, the University of Maryland College Park, and Johns Hopkins University. His focus in graduate school was on cryptography and distributed systems where he produced his thesis (advised by prof. Matt Green) on the evolution of hybrid consensus mechanisms from centralized to decentralized.