Dejan de Zoysa


Founding partner and Chief Executive Officer at EarthRestoration (ER)

Since 2017 Dejan has restored degraded landscape ecosystems in Sri Lanka as well as directed field research in mangrove ecosystems in Myanmar. HIs focus has been collaborating with Universities and educators on the subject of quantified Primary Ecosystem Services and Forestry Restoration.

Dejan is also the curator of the world’s first Analogue Forest, Belipola Arboretum and Research Center ( ) , which is managed as a successive forest ecosystem and gene bank using the 12 principles of Analogue Forestry.

Dejan’s field research and executive direction has developed a unique process for quantifying Primary Ecosystem Services (PES) by verifying the growth of Photosynthetic Biomass (PB) of tree species.The implications of the methodology is to engage rural landscapes and communities in ‘beyond organic agriculture’ and the restoration of the biosphere.

The company’s strategy for landscape development has integrated BlockChain technology which lays the foundation towards the creation of new wealth identified as BioCurrency which is based on the premise of externalizing positive impacts that are quantified and moderated by a global commons exchange platform.