Jake Fairbanks Kelley

Founder & CEO

Jake is the Founder & CEO of Blue-Green Futures, that is partnered with: Hot Planet Repair Team & Carbotura; Our Planet Our Future; Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR, in partnership with Open Air Collective). He has a Masters in International Relations from Leiden University with a focus on the Global Political Economy, AI, criminals/terrorists and surveillance states. He loves designing and growing circular and regenerative solutions and cultures. He enjoys turning trash to treasure with Carbotura’s zero-waste, no-emission Recycolotrons (which is also licensed to Hot Planet Repair Team). Our services accelerate humanity’s ability to untrash air, water and land as it doesn’t need to sort or clean waste, but breaks it down to the nano-molecular level and then turns it into valuable commodities like biofuel, biochar, graphene and water. As Janitors Without Borders, we’re closing the circularity gap, plus providing community development, reporting/tracking, and increased revenues to waste management and governments.

He believes in anti-corruption, education,  transparency and “carbon tunnel vision”. At F4CR, he works on systems for accountable carbon removal policy, MRV and climate restoration (carbon removal) in Europe, Africa, Latin America and beyond. The sectors and opportunities that Jake also enjoys include: the built environment, education, regenerative agriculture/aquaculture, energy, policy, coalition-building and ecorestoration (as a founding member of Eco Restoration Alliance).

Previously, Jake worked at the UN (UNICRI) Centre for AI & Robotics in advancing action-oriented engagement on research, projects and governance frameworks that concentrated on the ethical, legal, social and security implications of how advanced technologies like AI are utilized by criminals, terrorists and stakeholders in security. Earlier, he worked at Tufts University for senior leadership to manage their communications, PR and university-wide strategic planning initiatives. He also has professional media and marketing experiences, like helping the VICE Media marketing team establish their new TV Channel, VICELAND.