Agustin Matteri


United Species

Agustin Matteri, is an expert in Environmental Law and Policy, with proven sound capacities to integrate donors and beneficiary countries interests in order to develop robust green strategies and financing portfolios. He counts with relevant experience working for the UNEP Climate Change Unit of the Latin America and the Caribbean Office (USD 150 million mobilized) and the Ministry of Environment of Argentina. He was the Programme Officer for coordinating UN-REDD activities in Latin America and the Caribbean for UNEP (2021-22), where he performed as Task Manager for the biggest UNEP project worldwide: Paraguay GCF REDD+ results-based payments (USD 50M).

He has performed duties as the G20 focal point for the Argentina´s Presidency and Troika (2018-9) from UNEP. He has achieved the political buy-in, the endorsement and the drafting of some of the most relevant projects of UNEP: a USD 25M project under the GEF7 Sustainable Cities Impact Program for Argentina; 8 CBIT national projects approved by the GEF Secretariat for a total of USD12M (Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Honduras, Argentina, Panama, Dominican Republic, Antigua and Barbuda); 3 National Strategies on Sustainable Mobility (Colombia, Panamá and Argentina); among others related to nature-based solutions in cities and food producers (City Adapt and MEbA Platforms).

He has also created and coordinated both the MOVE Platform to promoting sustainable mobility deployment in Latin America, and also the Regional Center for Climate Transparency for NDC tracking and LTS development, providing technical assistance for the development of MRV systems within Latin America and Caribbean countries.