Anna Lerner


Strategic senior leader with expansive partnership, technology and social impact experience. I’m currently the CEO of the Climate Collective, a leading coalition of stakeholders––from investors and non-profit organizations to entrepreneurs and scientists––leveraging trusted, sustainable web3 infrastructure to unlock innovative and verifiable climate action at scale.

Most recently, I spent 4 years leading Meta’s (fm Facebook) strategy around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; Meta’s investment in Gender Data; and the Global Strategic Partners program. Before that, I spent 7 years driving frontier tech adoption, climate finance, data and development innovation at the World Bank Group, including the Climate Mitigation portfolio of the Global Environmental Facility, the financing facility of UNFCCC, and decarbonization investments across the globe (RE/EE mostly). I lived several years in Mozambique, working for GIZ as a regional advisor on sustainable biomass policies, biofuels and project development of energy efficient cookstoves across several markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.