Antony Yousefian

VP Climate & Circularity

I’m passionate about transforming the food system, turning it from being extractive to regenerative. Focused on unlocking investment into the Agri-fintech ecosystem, promoting and helping to develop innovative solutions that change the incentives, economics and financial flows into the food supply chain. I started my career in asset management and investment banking, where I experienced the ESG capital wave and how the market was moving fast to quantification and impact measurement. With the desire accelerate positive change with finance, I started investing in early-stage start-ups that solved for this problem. The rollercoaster ride was too enjoyable and I got hooked. I’ve spent the last few years building an developing solutions for agtech, climatech which can drive system level change. I’m now convinced that If we can fix the food system, we have a shot at leaving a planet for our children, if we act now and get capital into the right teams and places.