Chris Georgen

Founder & Managing Director

Having founded Topl in 2017, Chris now helps to lead the only blockchain ecosystem dedicated to radical impact as Managing Director. Collaborating closely with the rest of Topl’s executive team, Chris takes an active role in the blockchain’s protocol design and leads the team’s novel tokenomics and governance work.

Chris has been active in the web3 space since 2012, having previously co-founded a mobile payments fintech which went live on the Ethereum blockchain less than a year after that network’s launch in 2015. He obtained degrees in Mathematics, Chemical Physics, and Philosophy from Rice University. During this time at university, Chris performed research resulting in 3 co-authored papers focused on emergent phenomena in complex systems and developed many of the models that would come to define Topl’s unique design.

An active speaker in the space, Chris has given invited talks on blockchain, economics, sustainability, and international development in more than 20 countries and been involved in numerous working groups on the intersection of web3 and social impact.