Guðmundur Sigbergsson

Chief Executive officer

Guðmundur is directly involved in climate actions and actively collaborates with domestic and international organizations. Both climate projects and actors promote transparent practices of carbon markets and facilitate the financing of climate actions in order to scale up real climate impacts.

Gudmundur is the founder and the CEO of the International Carbon Registry, a GHG program, and a climate registry. Earlier Gudmundur founded the accredited certification body iCert and was a managing director at the Central bank of Iceland.

Guðmundur also chaired a technical committee within Icelandic Standards that discussed responsible offsetting with the issuance of the prominent initiative ÍST 92:2022 Carbon offsetting: Requirements with guidance. He also participated as a member of the Nordic Dialog on Voluntary Compensation which outlined the Nordic perspectives on best practices for the voluntary use of carbon credits including a Nordic Code of Best Practice.

Guðmundur has served as a project manager for various initiatives, including iCert, Carbfix, and others in a project related to developing frameworks for carbon credit issuances based on CO2 mineralization.