Juan Sebastian Castellanos

Chief Legal Officer

Colombian lawyer specialized in Energy and Environmental Law with more than five (5) years of experience in the carbon market.

I worked in one of Colombia’s most important environmental NGOs, structuring multiple carbon Projects in the Colombian pacific, working with communities, private companies, and government entities.

I was head of the international legal team of ALLCOT, giving legal counsel to several projects worldwide, drafting multiple agreements, and reviewing environmental and climate regulations.

Nowadays, I’m a Rapporteur of the Sabin Center’s Peer Review Network of Climate Litigation for the Escazú Committee and Paris Agreement Committee to Support Implementation and Compliance and the Chief Legal Officer of the Environmental Markets Fairness Foundation.

My main goal is to understand the different legislations of the global South and promote a carbon market where all participants have crucial information and can make decisions that will protect the environment and avoid the climate crisis.