Kaitlin Archambault

Founder & CEO

Kaitlin Archambault is Founder & CEO of Open Future Coalition, developing social, technological, and financial tools that resource community based solutions at a global scale. Their Open Impact platform currently serves impact organizations and networks in 51 countries. With experiences that range from designing institutional-grade financial services platforms to leading global organizations through complex rebrands, Kaitlin has spent much of her time ensuring that technology is thoughtfully constructed for the greater good: taking into account issues of governance, compliance, and ethics. Prior to founding Open Future Coalition, Kaitlin spent over a decade as a designer, creative director, and communications strategist, growing and leading creative and product teams and launching social impact brands on 5 continents. Kaitlin founded Brooklyn-based studio Incendiary Designs in 2013, and has advanced policy and thought leadership programs for outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and The Hill. Kaitlin’s background is in public art and grassroots movement building, and she is a fierce advocate for issues of liberation and economic equity.