Lise Colyer

Founder and Executive Director

Lise Colyer’s background is in journalism – delivering at pace – and human rights. She worked with Shell Chairman Sir Geoffrey Chandler at Amnesty International on developing their first Corporate Social Responsibility network in the 90s.

She delivered CSR globally for FTSE 100 multinational Sage and worked directly with the CEO of AgriBriefing in developing and delivering their iteration as an agribusiness price benchmarking proposition. Through this work, she grew close to the challenges faced by their clients, the ABCDs, ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Louis Dreyfuss etc.

Lise initially mapped the full human rights impacts of the food system into a method of measuring sustainability after interviewing dozens of world leading experts for Quota.Media. They said:

  • We need a harmonised approach
  • Nobody wants a proprietorial system
  • Sustainability rights need to be the same globally

Following a successful campaign to the UN Food Systems Summit in 2021 with Quota.Media, she launched OmniAction with co-founders including Professor Tim Lang (who founded the Centre for Food Policy at City University, London) and Foodsteps CEO Anya Doherty, in January 2022. So, Lise moved from advocacy to action.

OmniAction is now a global volunteer community of more than 600 food system experts working across science and academia, business, government policy, consumer rights, civil society, and everything in-between. Uniquely, it operates transparently, is free to join and thereby reflects no vested interests, allowing the best science and expertise to rise to the top. OmniAction’s data scientists and LCA practitioners are working at the coal-face of sustainability and bring their first-hand knowledge of the challenges to developing solutions.

OmniAction has published its first set of framework indicators, which it will continually update, and is now working with businesses and academia to apply

the framework. Collaborators include community members from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, World Benchmarking Alliance, Indigenous Peoples organisations including Tribal Link, COICA and the Indigenous Peoples’ Climate Justice Forum, along with Consumers International, HowGood, NSF, a variety of UN agencies, Slavefree Trade International, True Cost Accounting Accelerator, Access to Nutrition Initiative, European Economic and Social Committee, World Farmers Markets Coalition, Advance ESG, GAIN and FAIRR. We belong to the EAT Foundation’s Food Forward Consortium.

You can see OmniAction’s spokesman presenting at COP27 here: