Rob de Laet


Dutch, born 1956, adventurer, world traveller, philosopher, climate activist, now living mostly in a damaged part of the Brazilian rainforest, where he is rewilding a secluded valley and restoring the small water cycle, watching with gratitude as many species return to the area. From an early age gripped by the question of ”what is consciousness” as well as by the likely collapse of global human civilization.

Rob understands the whole planet as one living organism and looks at solutions from the lens of biomimicry and at a planetary scale from a perspective of geo-biomimicry.

Rob is working on a plan to avert the dieback of the Amazon Rainforest based on strengthening the biotic pump function over the area. The discovery of the biotic pump by Antonio Nobre and others is crucial for planetary recovery and regeneration. The Amazon is an organ vital to a balanced climate and once revitalized, the great biome will help reinvigorate all life on Earth and open up new futures to humanity, connecting to the hidden wonders of biodiversity of the area and the scientific insights held by the Indigenous peoples.

Rob also developed a combination of strategies to activate humanity to reverse the planetary destruction fast. If successful, it is possible to see the first cooling of the planet within twenty years.