Tarah Stafford

The Elephant Room

My background is in screenwriting. Having spent so much time imagining new worlds, endeavoring to understand what makes characters tick, creating complex plots and then attempting to make those stories ‘felt’ experiences, I have developed a number of strange talents: learning how to thrive on very little sleep being one of them. This has been essential as I also work full time on various climate solutions. I say various because I have worked on everything from neighbourhood energy, to business advocacy, to political & PR campaigns to First Nation legal challenges to food security and climate action plans.

I am the Co-Founder of the climate communications think tank, ‘The Elephant Room’ where we conduct research, craft strategic campaigns and pilot projects to move the needle on climate change and the Co-Executive Director of eDemocracy’s ‘Carbon Budget’, working with cities, NGO’s, companies and Indigenous Nations on public engagements, decarbonization and energy and emissions plans. I have also been supporting Gitcoin grantees in web3 world and doing some blockchain enabled climate solutions research for the Ethereum Foundation.

What I love the most is using storytelling and dinners to bridge the gap between complex worlds and regular people – to wit I am told that my best asset is that I am friendly