Maryam Ayati

Chief Executive Officer

Maryam is co-founder of Watr – the open blockchain ecosystem for physical commodity flows. Previously, she has led the creation of several multi-billion dollar physical commodity-based ventures and business models in start-up and Fortune 100 settings – including world firsts such as LNG to mobility, LNG-fueled mining, flare gas to mobility, LNG-fueled drilling and Shell’s LNG to Downstream and Marine businesses.

Prior to Watr, Maryam was the global head of Shell Trading’s Origination and Investments team – leading cross-commodity deal-making, investments and serving on the M&A executive team.

Maryam is also a co-founder of KomGo and Vakt enterprise blockchain coalitions (founding Board Chairperson for the latter). In 2017, these ventures were the first proofs of mass enterprise adoption of blockchain. Vakt for example launched to 67% of the Brent Crude market signed up as customers on day one.

In addition to Watr and Neo (ecosystem developer for Watr), she currently serves on the boards of Base Carbon and Exmar Shipping, Maritime and Offshore. Maryam continues to advise intergovernmental organizations, governments and energy C-suites on their response to digitalization, energy transition and the future of commodities. She is a contributor to and named in the top 200 most influential women in global commodities.