Meg Dennis

Senior Sustainability Consultant & Researcher

I’ve been a founder, program manager, CX designer and innovation consultant, however before all of these roles I was a farm girl in central-west Australia. Intensely curious about what I could learn from the world, I left the countryside to travel and work through at least a third of it (and still counting).

When I discovered Design Thinking, my career took a more impactful path, where today in all the work I do, people and the planet are at the heart of the problems to solve.

The more complex and digital life is becoming, the more I gravitate back to the environment, where I used to be connected to the weather, what we grew and raised and living a cleaner life. Sustainable principles and circular thinking now need to be central to everything we do as citizens and everything we build and create. This is core to my mission and purpose today.

My sweet spot is commercialising new technology, specifically climate tech and working on so many of the impossible problems to solve.