Paul McManus

Master Lecturer

I’m a 30-year tech industry, consultant and venture capital veteran and award-winning member of the faculty at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, teaching a range of courses in Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability/Social Impact at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels.

My journey in sustainability and social impact began in 2008, and current efforts focus on teaching and working with organizations.

– Developing innovative approaches to strategic knowledge creation and benefit-oriented strategic narratives that enhance value creation and delivery in the stakeholder economy.

– Implementing strategic pivots and transformational change digital, sustainability, or social impact initiatives,

– Investing in nature-based innovation and developing innovative business models and platforms to accelerate the development of regenerative/circular ecosystems, clusters, and bioregions.

– Rebuilding trust as the foundation of the social contract and stakeholder relationships and developing open organizations that deepen learning, enhance collaborations, accelerate social renewal, and amplify economic impact.

– Developing leaders who can respond effectively to complex and rapidly changing situations and lead others through uncertainty and ambiguity.