Walid Al Saqqaf

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

I’m the CEO and co-founder of Rebalance Earth a global ecosystems services platform for valuing and funding a living nature to combat climate change, biodiversity loss and lifting communities out of poverty.

I’m also the founder of Insureblocks the leading blockchain educational podcast and boutique consultancy firm that supports companies and industry metamorphose into digital natives. I started off in the corporate world at Barclays Corporate Banking in 1998. As a serial entrepreneur I’ve co-founded 5 start-ups of which one had a successful acquisition.

I’m an industry associate at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies and a proud father of 2 little amazing daughters. They’re the reason I’m working to fight climate change, protect biodiversity and lift communities out of poverty through Rebalance Earth to leave them with a better world than the one we are presently living in.

Did you know that according to the IMF, a forest elephant is worth $40,000 dead for its ivory but $1.75m alive for the ecosystem services it performs within a forest, which includes carbon offsets. Our global economy’s failure to valuing a living nature and these ecosystem services fuels climate change, biodiversity loss and its consequential impact on global poverty.

Rebalance Earth, “rebalances” these market failures by offering households, companies and capital markets the opportunity to purchase ecosystem services credits from keystone species, such as forest elephants, to fight climate change, protect nature and lift communities out of poverty. The proceeds from these credits funds keystone species protection through wildlife justice initiatives and poverty-reducing investments in local communities, thus tying the welfare of the forest elephants to the local communities’ economic growth.

The Rebalance Earth proposition is grounded in peer-reviewed science and best-of-breed innovative technologies, including enterprise blockchain, artificial intelligence and internet of things sensors to provide traceability, transparency and trust in its platform.